A BIG THANK YOU from the Miramar Peninsula Community Trust for your ongoing support.                                          


A new beginning

Seatoun Village Hall was previously known as St Christopher’s Church and Hall. We officially reopened our doors as a Community facilities for those living on the Miramar Peninsula and throughout Wellington. The reopening on Sunday 16 August 2015 was well attended by the community, families and friends.

The facility is managed by The Miramar Peninsula Community Trust, formed 28 June 2015 by residents from the Peninsula, with the goal of developing the Church and Hall for community activities, while it continues to be hired by different groups.  

The purchase of St Christopher’s Church and Hall has been made possible by local residents, Fran Walsh and Peter Jackson, who wish to preserve the historic buildings,  to ensure that they will not be lost from Seatoun and the Peninsula.

Earthquake strengthening on St Christopher’s will be undertaken in the near future so the use of the Church, will be limited for now. The Seatoun Village Hall, which is not subject to Earthquake strengthening regulations, is available for use.

The Trustees are: Richard Stubbs (Chairman), Elaine Newson (Secretary), Malcolm Standage (Treasurer), Gillie Coxill, Malcolm Woods, Craig Oliver, Kevin Lavery and Anna Mercier.

Our Vision

Make Seatoun Village Hall and facilities the place of choice for the community

Our Aim

Develop resources to accommodate and cater for all community oriented activities and events

Our Values

  • provide resources where everyone feels safe and welcomed
  • maximise the use of resources
  • nurture and promote participation in activities
  • accommodate diversity in our community


    Miramar Peninsula Community Trust

    Richard Stubbs

    Elaine Newson

    Malcolm Standage

    Gillie Coxill
    Malcolm Woods
    Kevin Lavery 

    Anna Mercier

    Craig Oliver

    Co ordinator

    Ana Frka

    All Trustees can be contacted by email: seatounvillagehall@gmail.com